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Sat Oct 8th 2011 Shellie’s gate guarding site.

Shellie’s Site

That is Iris, their gate setter.  She is also setting their 2 dogs.  Now this is one busy gate.  It is on the same ranch as we are.  I go over and visit now and then.  Got to have a female to talk to now and then.   We are about 2 miles from each other.   Sometime Shellie and i will go out together.  That is when i can catch her there.  Both of them lost their mothers this summer, so there is a lot of taking care of matters now.   They are in their 50’s.    She thinks that since i am as old as the hills,(or dirt) i have some wisdom for her.   Sometimes i do and sometimes i don’t.   I can learn from her also.  You are never to old to learn, i like to know what everyone else knows too.  Maybe that will keep my brain active.  Yes, there is a kid inside me.  Why should i grow up!   If i do then i am really old.

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Sat Oct 8th, 2011 Where does time go?

As of this morning the frack job is done.   There is getting everything down, loaded up and out of here.  We will have to stay here until the flow back is done and that could be another 2 wks.   Got a shower Fri, but not enough to settle the dust.    On one of the forums for workampers, or should i say Gate Guarding subject.  One person wanted to know why anyone would do this job as it is so isolated and dirty.   Here are a few reasons:   There are not enough winter jobs for everyone wanting to work and stay in the warmer climate.  Most of the RV’ers come back every year to the job.  To many places are only wanting volunteers.   Then there is the thing about standing on your feet all day long, or heavy lifting.   Could also be cleaning the bathrooms.  I would think that would not be to bad when school is in.  Then there is the 40 hrs of work per week.   Some of us cannot handle the stress of working with others and finding out (most of the time) your co-worker is not doing their job, or not doing it right.  We worked the amusement park thing in the summer of 2010.   Either working with older (like me) people or the younger generation.  They both have their hang-ups.  So out here it is only my partner and me trying to survive the dust storms.  I really do have a lot to learn.  It seems i have two blogs and i only wanted one.  If i live long enough i will learn this thing of blogging.


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Oct 3rd, 2011 Working smarter, not harder

Just wondering at the ripe old age of 66, if i am working smarter, and not harder.   I don’t have to lift heavy objects, stand all time or do a lot of walking(which would do me good).  So I guess I have an easier job.  Last summer 2010, we worked at an amusement park.  The job required me to stand on my feet all the time while on duty.  I worked in the food service.  I did enjoy it most of the time.    A lot of discussion is going on about gate guarding.  You have to do a job in order to know what it is all about.  I like reading all the opinions I read on the forums,  everyone is entitled to that.  Unless people start getting nasty or rude I keep on reading the forums.  The  cooler weather helps me make it through the day.   I don’t aim to be here next Sept, it is to hot.   Once or twice a week I take my dog (Pursie) for a walk in the park at Shiner.  She likes grass and there is no grass here.  What grass that was here is all dried up and crunchy, other words it is brown.  DH fired up the grill and we had steaks for dinner.   It is not a job cooking only figuring out what to have for dinner.  I have not unpacked the deep fryer, it has been packed up since the first of May.   I think i would like a job cleaning the trailer that are on site.  Most of the cleaner are very young, that could mean that they don’t want us older folks.   I don’t know for sure but i have been told they get paid well for cleaning the trailers.  Most of them are only gone about 2 hrs when they come through the gate.  I should have been a maid anyway.  When we get moved I am going to get Casper the ghost out of the box and set him up with his flickering lights.  Guess I will drag out the pumpkin too.  I am saving the plastic grocery bags to stuff a pair of pants & shirt for a man sitting in a chair.  Oh, I have a great mask to put on him.     Just stay tuned I will get better as time goes on, see you on the flip-flop.

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Oct 1st,2011 They started fracking, now to get the job done.

Traffic and more traffic.  Today was a nice cool day with no humidity.  Cannot walk the dog much now that the traffic has increased, to much dust.  Got lunch brought to us today, guess what ; it was the same food i just made 2 days ago.   Had to eat it as it will not last long.  There was salad in the plate.  They feed the workers so much food they  should weight 300 lbs.   The other gate guards have been off for the whole week now.  They have a lady staying at their camper watching the gate.   I went over today to meet her, she was quit busy signing in and out.  

If you are a fulltimer and want to check out forums here are some that i really like.———————————

Check out the workamping forum if you are looking for paided positions or volunteering for site.  A lot of the campgrounds are requiring a lot more hours for site only.  Some do offer perks.  If it is in a place you want to be, it is something to think about.

Tried printing a coupon for Prevacid the last day of Sept, there were none.  So i will wait a few days and try again.  I like getting 2 coupons and buying 2 of the 14 days Prevacid that way i get to use 2 coupons.  The last time the coupons were for $3.00 ea, so i got $6.00 for the 24 pills.   Need more ideas on saving.   I know there are a lot of people who know how to save money.  It’s all in using your brain to think things out.

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Sept 30th, 2011 “Come and take it”

Gonzales festival “Come and take it” held this weekend.  I was in town Wed, went into the book store to find a book on blogging for Dummies.  While there i picked up a brochure on Gonzales.  I had seen the banners on “Come and take it” festival, I started wondering how they came up with that name for a festival.  I then circled around the block and went  by a big empty building and at the top it said Come and take it.  That was strange to me, got me to wondering what had been there at one time.  Went back to site and started reading brochure, there it was on Come and take it.  So here it is.

July 1826, Indians attacked the settlement, one man was killed and the cabins plundered.  In 1831 the Mexican government gave the settlers a small brass or bronze cannon for protection.  During the years unrest developed among colonists because of increasing restrictions and controls.  The open break with Mexico widened and authorities demanded that the cannon be returned.  A corporal and five Mexicans soldiers were sent with an ox and cart to get the cannon.   When this request was refused officials in San Antonio sent Lt Castaneda with 100 mounted soldiers to “take” the weapon.

When the cavalrymen appeared on the river bank on Sept 29th 1835, there were only 18 men in Gonzales to deny their crossing. Those men hid the ferry, buried the cannon in George W. Davis’s peach orchard and sent out a call for help.  The men known after as “The Old Eighteen” delayed the soldiers for some time.  On the morning of Sept 30th, Castaneda was met Reg Joseph D. Clements, who read the message, “…I cannot, nor do I desire to deliver up the cannon….Only through force will we yield.  (I am leaving out some text)  As the women hastily fashioned a battle flag, the cannon was unearthed;  Joe Martin donated a wagon for wheels and it was mounted by Mr Sowell, Mr Darst, Mr Chisholm and others.

Over  the weapon waved the new flag——- a black replica of the cannon upon a while background emblazoned with a star and the words that would echo forever through the years ” Come and take it”

This will give you an idea where the name of ” Come and take it” came from.

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Thur Sept 29th 2011 Where is the fall weather ?

We have been at this site for 30 days now.  The heat and dust will not go away.  After lunch i stay inside most of the time as it is to hot outside.  The humidity is up and it feels hotter then 99 degrees outside.   The frac team were suppose to be in here fracking by now, but there is a problem at the site they are now on.   It will be the weekend before they get in here to frack.

We will be done here at this site as soon as the frack job is done.    I don’t have any ideas where we will go from here, i hope it is closer to Victoria, Tx .   I go to a rheumatology there.    They are having a “Come and get it” festival in Gonzales this weekend i would love to go to it for a while.   They had a tent set up on Wed, for the” Beer Garden and food court”.  They look like they were a block long.  Carnival rides were setting up also.

I need to get back to looking at coupons again.  I have got to call daughter to see if she is still couponing heavy.  I watched some of the program last night on tv.   By the looks the ones who really get into couponing it takes a lot of time to cut out and watch for sales at stores.   By the looks of their stock, it will take time to roate the stock.

 I made my first Beef Stew this week.  I did have the package of sauce for making stew.   It turned out good, we ate all of it.  Tired of eating the same old stuff every week.  Bet i am not the only one feeling that way.


Speed limit 5 mph, you gotta be kidding; no it is true.

Shiner, Tx
Aug 29th, 2011 Hawn Holt Munson Ranch
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Sept 24th 2011. Got another week down.

Sounds like i am counting the weeks on gate guarding.  Really i am doing just that.   Maybe i am counting down until the heat lets up and fall weather is here.   Our rig moved out on us this week, now we don’t have one.  Waiting on the frack people, they will probably be in here next week.   Not much traffic as of now.  We do have several tankers coming in to haul oil out.   I had a rather different week this time around.  The other gate guard lady was on top of her camper sweeping off the water from the air conditioner when she lost her footing on ladder.  Off she falls head first, here is the kicker; she and i were going into Gonzales to the hospital to get blood work done that morning.  As i pulled up to the camper i saw several standing around her sitting in a lounge ,wiping on her face.   I am thinking she had a bad spell breathing, she has COPD.   As i got closer i could see she had a big bump on the forehead.   Her husband was calling the ambulance, trying to tell them how to get there.  Not easy telling people where you are on one of these county roads.   Now i am thinking they have already moved her so it will not do anymore harm putting her in my vehicle.  So that is what they did and off to the hospital we go.  She was in ER about 5 hrs nothing broke.  Wrist was swollen from taking the fall.   I did get my blood work done while we were there.  She ended up the next day with a black eye, the next day with another black eye.  All was well with some pain pills.

I read a lot on RV forms about gate guarding.  Get a lot of different angles on this job.   Then there are several blogs on gate guarding.   Maybe to many blogs now.   I need to move on to different things like cooking in a RV.   It is a real job fixing several things for a meal.  I don’t have enough counter space.   What about recipes for different foods ?  Surely there are people  out there that can share their ways of cooking in small spaces.    Need some input on this life on the road living in a RV.

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Wintering in south Texas and making money

While  escaping the cold winter of KY, we came to south Texas.    We thought we would be gate guards for the oil fields while here.   That was in Aug of 2010.  We got our first assignment on Sept 7th, we were to go to Tilden, Tx.   Stayed there for 7 weeks, then took 2 days off.  We stayed at the company’s yard.  That is where they keep their equipment and get water for their guards.   We were lucky as they had a generator there, so we had electric.   Our next assignment was in Cheepside, not far from Gonzales, Tx.   It was one busy gate, the gate had to be kept closed so that meant we had to go open & close it each time a vehicle entered or exit.  That went on for about 5 weeks, then things started to slow down some.  We were told to open the gate and leave it open as there were to many big trucks coming & going.   Now this goes on 24/7  always noisy and dusty.   They do water us down some and that really helped out a lot.  When we both had to leave the site we had to hire someone to sit out gate while we were gone.   This is our second experience and believe me, we were inexperience at this job.   It does not take long to learn the ropes.  While there DH came in one day after walking the dog with a petrified rock.  That started my hunting the rocks.   I would walk look, kick and look more as I was walking the dog.

After 7 weeks there we were off to County road 381, out of Shiner, Tx.

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