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Gate Guard Information

Here are some of the gate guard companies:

KC Services  ( John) @ 956-236-5255

Pro Gate (Darold) @ 830-776-8666

Trinty (Ben) @ 979-241-1675

Oil Field Support Services (Dole) @ 361-815-7050

Time Keepers (John) @ 956-821-5815

Loma Rentals, LLC  President (Doug Farrell) Production testing, Flowback & Gate Guard Services @ 817-964-1828 email: doug_farrell

Gate Guard Services, LLC  Corpus Christi, Tx  Office # 361-653-0468

Streamline Field Services, LLC  El Campo, Tx (Kyle Chandler) @ 979-541-9883

Don’t get hung up on the test that you have to take.  It is no big  deal.  If i can do it, anyone can.  We work for Gate Guard Services out of Corpus Christi, Tx.  The pay is $125.00 a day. Pay is every 14 days.  Extra rigs is $50.00 more per day.  Hope this will help you, if you have any questions please contact us.

Added New Oct 26th,2011

Sitewatch  Ph: 800-561-7202

Added Nov 17th. Here is another gate guard service.

Primo –Brent Williams @ 361-563-9272  Email:

Found this on on the Workamping forum . I personally have not contacted anyone. Just passing alone the info i find.

Posted Today, 02:54 PM

Just as a friendly update to some of the information I have found on some of the companies…
Pro Gate 830-776-8666 I spoke with a very nice man on the phone at this company for almost 10 minutes today. He explained they are a small company in comparison to Gate Guard Services or Timekeepers, but they try to keep their guards busy. Most assignments are 8-12 weeks he explained. They try to keep only 1 active oil rig per gate, though some sites will have more than one within the perimeter. They prefer to only hire couples. It is a 24 hour position (I know it seems obvious to some but I have read of companies offering sleep time with gates closed). Any means of “personal protection” must be kept in your motorcoach and not on your hip or in visual sight. The interesting thing is you of course have to be licensed and certified as a gate guard with the level 2 security, but they do not provide this at all. In fact, he suggested the above mentioned 2 companies as a way to get this certificate! I am assuming by this suggestion that they only hire experienced guards. Their season with more opportunities picks up in February or March (I assume as regular guards are leaving Texas after winter. Hope this helps a few people.


3 responses to “Gate Guard Information

  1. rabajara says:

    In the months of Oct & Nov the winter Texans, come back to gate guarding.
    This year there is a shortage of gate to guard. There are many more couples getting into this type of work.

  2. peg Parish says:

    Hello I tried to E mail Doug Ferrell at this e mail address and it just bounces back ?
    Peggy Parish

  3. Patricia Fratus says:

    Need a gate guard in west texas by monday does anyone need a job or do you know of anyone that does. Please call Frank Edwards at 231 846 4980. That is his phone number. If this is someone else’s blog can you pleasepace the word thank you very much. It pays 150 and if paperwork is in order there is a bonus.

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