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Free E-Books—– And Information on publishing your own E-book

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Posted 30 July 2011 – 01:40 PM

When you get your kindle, the next best thing you need to do is get the Calibre software program posted above. This will convert epub (nook and others) books to Mobi which is one of the Kindle book extension. After that, than save the mobi book.
They will be converted to this place on your PC.
c:\user\(your computer name)\documents\Calibre Library
or do a search for the mobi extension.
Last, hook up your kindle to the PC and drag the book to the document file on the kindle.Next go to this place 391 places for free ebooksA lot of these books will be online only, and epub but some are in Kindle format.Keep in mind that these books are not copyrighted and that is why they are free. Anything prior to 1923 are that way. Others of course are ones the author wants to put out free to get a fan base and then maybe a publisher contract.Unless you only read current or almost current books, you will find many free books to read.Kindle is coming out with the ability to read library books which are a acsm format and you currently need Adobe digital software to read them on your computer.
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    • Kindle free e-book————–www.ereaderiq/free/(i hope  that was a q and not a g)
    • Check to be sure the item is still free,before you hit “Buy It Now”
    • The first of this series at this amazon link——–
    •      On this site you can download from a EPUB book & convert into a kindle e-book.
    • Disclaimer: All of the info on this page was taken from forums on RV’ing. I take no responsible for what is on the sites.  Just trying to save you time on finding the free ebooks.   Comments are welcome and encouraged.
  • Added New:
  • Control the pricing of your e-book.  How to self publish an ebook (when i put in the address it comes up as page not found, but it is on the page that comes up, 2nd down. http://reviews,  (Sorry i could not figure it out)
  • (download gets you & your ebook publishing to market as fast as you can write it) Publishing software service that offers you helpful guides-where you have 100% control. Writing ebook articles–Producing ebook articles–Marketing ebook articles. ( Some of the stuff i read on the site)
  •  A newbie guide to publishing
  • Also check out:  (looks like a good site)
  •  What you need, when you need it: How to publish a book & create a cover:   Write,publish & sell your book or e-book on the web:  Independent Artists ! Sell your books,music & video on-demand:
  • Self Publishing Steps, what type of self publisher are you?  Book printing services & other:
  • (Disclaimer)  Please remember that i am only doing some research to  save you time.  Some pages may not interest you and some might. I am not responsible for the outcome.

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