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66 yrs old this year, coming upon another birthday Feb 2012.   Just like the older people told me yrs ago, time flies.  I stayed home and made a lot of memories with grandkids.  Did more then usual as i felt like i did not do enough with my two kids and one niece (we raised).  As i look back i wish i had the wisdom on raising children as i do now.  But then again i would still make a lot of mistakes, that goes with life.  Hind sight is always 20/20.

Do i get homesick i sure do, especially when on a gate guard job, to much idle time to think.  Then again time does fly.  Get up, go to bed.  Oh, there are a few things in between.  We go home in the summer months to KY.  My nephew is living in our home.  He takes good care of the house but not the yard.  I had to rake 2ft of leaves out of the flower bed this past summer.  As we are on a lot next door.  Nice having your landlord next door.

I hope to keep my blog interesting for the readers.   I really don’t like talking about myself much as i know all of that.   I want to know about other people lives, what is going on, what they think about fulltiming,workamping & traveling.  Do you like staying in campgrounds with activities.  I know i do.   No such thing out here where the oil rigs are.   Do i read; not much i like learning things on the computer.  Try to keep my brain in gear.  The brain wants to go out of gear to much of the time.   Hope you get enjoyment out of my blog and please feel free to give all the advice or suggestions for me.  I am in the learning process and will probably stay there the rest of my life.   Come back often.   Leave comments too.


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  1. rabajara says:

    We have lived in KY, all of our lives. This is the second year we have been in Tx workamping and staying in a warmer area. Last winter was a bad winter in KY, there was a lot of snow and freezing temps. That is when i really like Tx. Every state has it good and bad. We are at the point where all the grandkids are to grown to stay around us much anymore. So off we go to do some traveling. The traveling has not gotten us far yet. With prices getting higher everday for the things we all need, it is workamping for us. I don’t know how long we will be doing the gate guarding. Just depends on a lot of things. Always looking for better things(or jobs). Hope you will join us in our travel and workamping jobs. We do go home to Ky, in the summer months. OK, i did spend 5 wks here in the heat. Sometime it is as hot in KY as it is here in Tx.

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