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Nov 22 nd 2011 Thanksgiving Week

on November 22, 2011

Yesterday was a warm day, in the 80’s and humid.  DH, had to go to get test done and several others things so off he went for the day.  Pursie (my yorkie) and i stayed behind to hold down the fort.   Rickey took the computers with him to see if anyone at the Verizon store could help in getting them both set up on the wireless air card.  Daughter sent DH, a notebook computer for Christmas.  He has been wanting one for a while, they are not for me to little.  I have to work my brain to hard trying to get it set up for my air card.  I worked on the quilt top i got at a yard sale for $5.00 it was stared and not finished.  The cooker came in today to cook for the crew.  Of course several came in to eat today.  I put the quilt away and started on making banana nut bread as i had several bananas getting to ripe.  I put applesauce in mine,but i did not have any.  So i use 4 slices of the dried apples i had.  The trouble with buying cook books where local people put their recipes in is they are used to cooking with a dash of this and dash of that. That is what i did.  I ended up with 3 loaves instead of 2.  Told Rickey to give one to the morning mud man as he is always asking us if we need donuts or a newspaper from town.  He did bring us two bear claws the other morning.  Now to get some microwave peanut brittle done today for the night mud man, don’t want to leave anyone out.  It came a good rain this morning with thunder and lightning, it is a lot cooler today too.  Time to stay inside and cook.   The Verizon store did not get the computers fixed, still cannot get the small one online without plugging in the air card.  And i thought the younger ones were smarter at this stuff.  Hurts my eyes staring at the small computer.  And you think i can’t cook a good Thanksgiving meal in the 5th wheel camper, yes i can.  Just don’t have much counter space.  The small refrig want hold as much stuff as the one in a S/B.  We did bring our small freezer with us, so one loaf of banana bread went into the freezer for later use.  You just have to do things a little different then what you are used to.   Check out some of my pages i have updated some of them.  I promise to not do any spamming or sharing of your email.   As always comment are welcome and encouraged.  Two more days until Thanksgiving, it is hard to believe it is here already.  Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.


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