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Nov 18th, 2011 Is gate guarding fun or what !

on November 18, 2011

Yesterday morning i though about going to find a post office to make sure the zip was till for Texas, and not KY.

It was cold and windy here.  The weather in KY for today only looks like in the 50’s.  Guess i am doing good as it is in the 60’s here. I am out of ideas on what to cook.  I cooked  pinto beans yesterday, being from Ky, i can’t eat the beans they have here.  They always add chili powder to them.  If i want chili i will make chili, just don’t add the powder to the beans and ruin them. JMHO. I did make beef stew again this week, that is the 3rd time i have made it.  Always got it in can and thought it tasted nasty.  Coming back in Aug, we stopped and visit with a friend who workamped with us in 2010, she made the beef stew and i like it, so off i went to make some of it too.    Not to many coming in today.  DH, talked with friends who are gate guarding and they don’t like seeing the big cats. Also don’t like where they are now, they can’t seem to get the MH leveled up.  They are farther down south in Texas.  I have not seen many critters here, there are moles that piles up a mound of sand everywhere.

Still have in my mind things to fix for our Thanksgiving Dinner, and it is way to much.  So which one should i eliminate?I have not decided yet.  You can get awful bored on this job, but time seems to really fly.  Of course i stay on computer a lot.  Trying to learn new things, hoping it will keep my brain from giving up the ghost.  As of now we are planning on going home for Christmas.  Missed all the holidays last year.  It seems like you will always need money anyway, so better spend a little time with family & friends.  I hope to see friends while i am home.  If not i might just break down their door.   Since we got the rain the other day the dust is not bad.  There is only sand here and it got settle down a lot, we did not even have any mud.  That is the good thing about having sand all around you.  It is bad when it dries out, it gets in your mouth and eyes.

I think my dog and i are going to miss our nap today. DH, has gone to Hosp for some test and grocery shopping.  I always get sleepy when that happens.  The things the mind will play on you, if you have to stay awake you get sleepy, if you need to sleep the mind goes 90 miles an hr thinking on stupid stuff.   Thank God i have a mind…….  As always comments are welcome and encouraged.   Come on; tell me a little about yourself.  I know about me, now i want to know some things about my readers.

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving ?  How many people are you feeding ?  Do you enjoy the Holidays ?  Are you to stress to enjoy the Holidays ?  Are you glad when the Holidays are behind you ?  Me, i just hang loose.  And thankful if everyone is alive and healthy.



2 responses to “Nov 18th, 2011 Is gate guarding fun or what !

  1. Deborah blue says:

    This is our third Thanksgiving /Christmas on a gate the previous two years we were not even told Happy Thanksgiving or have a great day so to our great surprise our new company LOMA spent the entire day yesterday bringing everyone a smoked turkey
    I think Gateguards and timekeepers could learn a few things from Loma wish I had found them sooner

    • rabajara says:

      I understand what you are saying. It does not matter how big a company is they are never safe. When you take for granded you have the market cornered, you better open your eyes. That is what Gate Guard & Timekeeper better do. I think DH talked with Loma, on the phone one day. I am thinking they told him we could get our RV searched. Might check into them again. Thanks for reading my blog and commenting.

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