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Nov 15th, 2011 The life of a Texas gate guard.

on November 15, 2011

No rain here so far. The pasture fields here has nothing for the cattle to eat.  I hope the wind is not up today.  DH  could use a good haircut, which needs to be done outside.  There are days the camper walls closes in on me.  When that happens i  begin to think i need to tell my nephew who lives in our house to move out.  But then again i would have all that big house to clean and keep up. That is when i change my mind and put up with the little space i live in.   There are days when i think gate guarding is not bad and then there are days, i don’t know if i can go another week.  I am going to name the state of Texas as the sunshine and windy state.  Of course it is the oil and gas state; that and warm weather is why i am here.  Two subjects i hated in school English & Math.  Now i know they are the two subjects i needed the most in my life.

  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I am thinking about the menu for two people.   Last year it was no problem cutting down on the food, like making only enough dressing for me.  I am used to making it for all of my family at home.  DH likes country ham.  That is one of KY main meat for the holidays.  Country ham is hard to find in Texas.  Guess he will have to settle for a city ham, like he did last year.   I am open to anyone sharing their special food they prepare for the holidays.

Today we  have  trucks of casing coming in for the well.  It was a quite last night.  So far i have not found anyone who knows if ND, has gate guards.  Some of the people here would like to go north for the summer and gate guard.  I think what time we spend here in Texas is enough for us.  Last year and this year it is 8 months.

I have several pages on my blog.  I try to keep adding new stuff as i find it.  Nothing like getting on a blog to find out it has not been updated in months.  I don’t hang around long on those blogs.  All of us are always looking for new stuff to read or educate us on different  things going on.   What do i do most days?  It keeps me busy keeping the dirt out of the camper and walking the dog.  We don’t eat out much, i cook supper (dinner) most nights.  There are days when nothing sounds good.  I feel like we have eaten everything i know how to fix.  It is not the cooking, it is knowing what to fix.

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged.  



2 responses to “Nov 15th, 2011 The life of a Texas gate guard.

  1. Brooks says:

    Enjoy all of your blogs.Always Interesting to read.

    • rabajara says:

      Glad to have you here. I am trying to have an interesting blog with pages of different stuff. When i am looking for things i spend a lot of time searching.
      So i hope to add a lot of it on my pages, to help others out on time. Have a good day and come back soon.


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