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Nov 9th, 2011. Fulltimer who are workamping ( are we having fun yet ?)

on November 9, 2011

It is to cold for me today.  It is warmer in KY then here.  I’ll bet my family & friends are having a big laugh about the weather.  We got diapers put on our equipment yesterday.  The environmental people were here yesterday  6 vehicles.   They are having a BBQ cookout today, so everything must have come out ok.   We had to tell everyone that this site was a H2S site.  What is a H2S site? Deadly gas can escape and get into the wind.  You don’t have long to get out-of-the-way if the wind is blowing toward you.  Also check to see that everyone had their safety equipment.   One thing we forgot and that was to tell everyone to back their vehicle in so they could get out quicker in case of an emergency.   Oh, well no one is perfect.

Just got a big plate of food from the people who did the cooking.   Well that is one of the perks of gate guarding.  It is about time a perk came alone.

I am going to add some pictures for you to look at, not much else to do.

I am going to blog on coupons—  What do you think about the show on extreme couponning ? Money-saving tips.  It can’t all be about working as security guards for the oil companies.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, the problem is getting them out.  I could use some help.   I will be adding more contents to my other pages soon.  I am still doing some research on different subjects.  Follow alone maybe we can learn more about being a good blogger.  I want to engage my reader in my blogs.

Berries for a wreath

Comments are always welcome and encourage.

Looks like i messed up on the other pictures, will post them later.

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