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Nov 7th, 2011 North Dakota Oil Drilling Jobs ( to cold for me, i’ll stay in Texas)

on November 7, 2011

We got certified in safety last night.  We even have our card to prove it.  Watch a video, took test and read a booklet.

Now i feel really special (just kidding).  We have to make sure everyone coming in has their safety gear.  So far this gate is not to bad for traffic.   I think we have worn out the camper door.

Here is some info on the North Dakota oil boom.

Some of the sites will just give you some details on what is going on.  Sure hope i got the slashes right.  If not try doing them different. Sure hope this will help some people who are interested in going there.  As for me, i could not take the cold weather.  That is the main reason i am spending winter in Texas.  Workamping in warm weather is for me.  Maybe in the summer time we will go north, but not to work.  We really do need some time to see the USA, and spend some time at the home base.     I have read some comments the locals have made.  They are not pleased with all the extra traffic and higher prices.   It all depends on which side of the air conditioner you are standing on if you get cold air or heat.  We would not know how the locals feel unless we were in their shoes, and they don’t know how people feel that needs the jobs.  Since jobs are scarce workers have to do what they can to survive.   As you will see there are not enough housing there for all the people.  I know in Gonzales, Tx the city made a lot more hook-ups for rv’s.  The last i saw the park it looked like 200 to 300 campers there.  That was only a few days ago.  Then there was another RV park being build on the outskirts of town.  A lot of the businesses that closed down due to the economy will be coming back.    We will have to take the good,bad & ugly. 

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