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Nov 5th, 2011. The (day) or week in the life of a gate guard.

on November 5, 2011

Tue Nov 1st leaving this site today.  Back to Gonzales to sit at the yard, while waiting on another gate.   On Wed DH has to go to Victoria, Tx to the arthritis doctor.  That will take up most of the day.  Guess what; we got a call to go to a gate farther north.  Actually 144 miles north.   They want us there by 8:30 Thursday morning.   In Franklin, Tx.     If they keep this up, i can be home in a day.

Arrive on site 45 min late, the set-up man was waiting on us to get here.  He puts us downwind of the rig and close to the rig.   There is nothing but sand here and the wind is blowing (gusty) hard.  For 4hrs that is where we sit, with a mouth & eyes full of sand.  After a while i wipe my face and i had black on it from the oil coming off the rig.  Well this is not going to do.

One of the rig bosses comes down and told us we had to move away from the rig, back to the second gate.  I sure was glad to hear that.  So off we go back up the road to the second cattle guard.  Finally got the day in and all set up.

Then comes all the people who want to tell you what to do.  First off, sign everyone in and out.  Then another one tells us to check everyone to see if they all have their safety equipment.  What next!   Maybe they will pay more for us being safety inspectors…………are you joking.  Never in a million years.  The wind had laid by Fri, morning and that was a real blessing.  This ranch has nothing but sand in the pasture field, a little grass but not much.   It is dry here also.   I think the ocean was here 3 million years ago.   We have been told this job will last around 3 weeks, you  never know on this type of job.

Maybe we should go to Alaska to hunt for gold.  Can’t do that now it is winter there.  Should i go to Az, to look for the scraps of gold there?  Oh well, guess i will stay put for a while, i have not made enough money to run around on yet.

I would say the worse part of gate guarding is going up and down the steps of the 5th wheel.   Sometimes the conditions can be bad.   Where else can an old person work, at least i don’t have to stand on my feet all day long ?   The dog and i can take walks, when we are not on duty.    I don’t think there is a Wal-Mart close by and that is where we get our medicine.   In the last two weeks i have seen a Kroger store, beginning to think they only had HEB’s here in TX.

What can i say; life is good.  The weather has been a lot cooler (cold) the last two days.  I better get back down south before it snows here.  I really don’t want to make a snowman or throw snow balls.   I know what i can do;  go outside pull up the few sprigs of grass, spread out the sand then lay down and pretend i am on the beach.  It is windy today, but the sun is out.

See you all on the flip,flop.   Until the next day have a safe and wonderful life.  


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