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Oct 31st, 2011 Winter Texan gate guarding.

on October 31, 2011

Here it is Monday again.  Before i know it i will be 80 yrs old.  I am telling you time does fly.  Got so bored Sunday i decided to fry some apple pies.  I have two yellow delicious apple trees in my back yard.  These apples are from 2009.  In the fall of 09, i decided to prune the trees and prune i did.  In 2010 there was nothing but growth and no blooms, so no apples.  This spring when i got home i went looking for blooms on the trees, there were only a few.   The late frost got most of the blooms.  So only a few apples this year, not enough to gather them up.  The apple trees have a problem with (Cedar apple rust).  The extension office told me to cut them down and plant apple trees that were resisted to the disease.  I figure whatever i get off of them is better than none at all.  So the two apple trees are still there,i am hoping for a better year in 2012.  We are really enjoying the fry apple pies.

I had a worker stop by last night and ask me if i wanted to get rid of the stray dog, of course i said yes.   He fixed a towel in the front seat and tried to get her in the truck.  She would not go, i told him to sit down in our chair and let her come up to him.  When he set down she was right there to get some loving.  He let the dog lick him while he was petting on her.  He picked her up and loaded the dog up, i don’t think she was to happy about that.  He said he had 3 acres and 4 kids, she should have plenty of attention.

After that there were two more who were going to take the dog if no one else did.  So all in all, she was going to have a home with someone.   They are taking down the rig now, we will be leaving here on Tue.   The mineral right owner came in the other night with his two kids.  He had sold the property 40 yrs ago.  They found out it was a good gas well.  You guess it, they all had grins on their faces when they left.   How lucky can one get.  According to the forums i read there are several couples waiting on gates.  Seems like there are a lot more people applying for the jobs this year.

It is now 11 yrs into the economy not doing good.   The only think i know is tie and knot and hang on.  Could be a lot worse.    With all my spare time, you would think i would know all there is about blogging.  At my age it is hard to retain all the information.  I would love to have comments on my blogs and suggestions.  Surely there are people out there with a lot more experience on blogging.  Maybe they just don’t want to be bother with a newbie.  Of course i don’t have it out there for a lot of people to find as of yet.   I am working on that too.  I will soon go to a self-hosted site.


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