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Oct 26th,2011 Rosenberg, Tx. New rig to gate guard.

on October 26, 2011

We moved in here on Thur Oct 20th.  The neighbor next door  complains about the dust.  This crew does not use gate guards, but they got one in order to slow down the traffic because of the dust  (to please the neighbor).   On Sunday around 7:00 a.m. the neighbor comes through our gate and does not stop, he is driving a little fast too.   He tells the bosses he is not living in a trailer park.   They come and tell us to move farther on back close to the rig.  That means tear everything down including the dish(which is hard for us to set) and move.  That took most of Sunday doing the move.   The way our camper was setting we did not get any sun in the front of camper.  Now we do.  Good thing i was not God on Sunday, i would have put him in the middle of Houston homeless.  He would have been glad to see a trailer park.  Good thing we are not God, what a mess things would be.

On Sunday night three trucks came in and behold a dog was following them.   Yes, you guessed it; we got a female dog.  Now she is friendly and needs a good home.  But not with us in our 5th wheel home.   Now i have to find someone to take this dog.  I don’t know anything about Rosenberg, so i don’t know how to put it out there on a lost dog.   At home i would put it on our local swap-shop program.  We are feeding and watering her, who can stand to watch a dog starve?.  We will be gone from here next week. Where to next i don’t have a clue, in this business you never know where the next job will be.

When we first got here it was no signing in, then partner came in and wanted people signed in.  Another partner came through and he wanted everyone in vehicles name on sheet.  Sometimes they don’t even know what is going on, and i certainly don’t know either.  It is just another day in the life of a gate guard.  There is evidence of wild hogs out here, but i have not seen any as of yet.  Sometimes i feel like i am wasting the rest of my life doing nothing much but cleaning the camper and cooking.  Of course the days fly by, you get up and the next thing you know it is bed time again.   I just can’t seem to get the idea that in retirement you don’t do much anymore.  Where is my brain?.  I guess before long i will start sewing on a quilt top i got at a yard sale while home.  Our dog needs a good trimming and so does the DH.  I did finally give her a bath yesterday.  When she goes out walking in the morning(with me) she gets dirt all over her belly and her feet.  Gotta wash and dry her down every morning.  All in all i am having a wonderful day.


2 responses to “Oct 26th,2011 Rosenberg, Tx. New rig to gate guard.

  1. Awesome stuff and extremely enlightening. Thanks for taking the time to write it and post it!

    • rabajara says:

      Thank you. I know the blog is not getting much traffic as of now. I am new at this and trying to learn as i go. I just blog about what i know and what will help other people.
      Please come back soon. If you have any suggestions i am open to them.

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