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Oct 21st, 2011 Here for 10 days. Rosenberg,Tx

on October 22, 2011

Our gate closed out on Sat, Oct 15th.  We stayed at the company yard in Gonzales until Thur.  We are now in Rosenberg,Tx for about 10 days.  They are drilling a well,but not a deep well.   We got to go to Bingo in Seguin with another couple tue night.   We were not winners but the other couple won money on a pull tab.  We were going back on thur, then they had to go to a frack job. Next day we were gone, so no bingo for us this week.   Just got a pound of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  Always wonder what it was like now i can try it out.  No money lost if we don’t like it.   The sales people have different things to hand out.

When we got here it was just to keep people driving slow, then today one man says he would like us to log the vehicles in.   Then another one wanted the names of everyone in a vehicle.  Now there are three people telling us what they want done.

I hate it when there are to many people telling you what to do.  No one seems to know what is going on.   There want be a frack or flowback job done here.  This puts me 100 miles from the arthritis doctor i go to in Victoria,Tx.   I am still reading all i can find on blogging and designing my website.  It is nothing like i want it to be.  I know i will have to find a host for the site.  I tried Hostgator, but i don’t know enough about it yet to deal with a host.   So i canceled it out.   Instead of reading books i am reading about blogging on the internet.  We did finally go and tour the brewery in Shiner on Monday.  You get samples of the different flavors of beer they make, i hate beer.   So i did not like any of it, well the Brock was the best if i was going to drink it.   We are going to get one of their boxes of mixed beer to take home in the spring, so family & friends can try it.  After all it is Texas beer.  What a life fulltiming and workamping.   Oh, by the way we did eat out some while on a break.  I will post pictures in another  post of the brewery & our location.  


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