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Oct 14th,2011 Bulls, they are everywhere.

on October 14, 2011


1800's Railroad spikes

Don’t think the bulls want get close to your camper or even to bump into it.  We have our cable high in the air to keep them from tearing down the dish.   The picture of the 5 gal bucket was once a tomato plant about 3 ft tall.  The bull, or one of them ate it all up and while in the process broke a piece off of the camper.  Our gate is about ready to close.  They are done with the flow back and now only need to get all equipment out.  Of course there will be tankers coming in and out.   There is a little brown dog that is at the pad that has been there ever since we came back.  He is fine as long as the workers are around to feed him.  He will come closer to the camper when everyone is gone.  You cannot get close to this dog.  What will happen to him when no one is around to feed him.  Guess he will make it somehow.   I have pictures of the petrified wood, there are a lot of them lying around the banks, i have taken two bags home.  That is all i will need to show them to people who has never seen them.  The old 1800 Railroad bed and the spikes that were used back then.   The railroad went from Houston to San Antonio back in the 1800’s.  They say there were a lot of cotton mills alone the tracks.   I have picked up several spikes that were used on the tracks.

I know what i need is a metal detector, no telling what i could find with one of the good detectors.   Last summer i was

Cable up high.

with a couple from Texas, (we were working in KY)  she would dig and dig until she finally got whatever it was that was in the ground and usual it was a penny.    

Tomato gone


Perrified Wood


Railroad bed



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