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Sat Oct 8th, 2011 Where does time go?

on October 8, 2011

As of this morning the frack job is done.   There is getting everything down, loaded up and out of here.  We will have to stay here until the flow back is done and that could be another 2 wks.   Got a shower Fri, but not enough to settle the dust.    On one of the forums for workampers, or should i say Gate Guarding subject.  One person wanted to know why anyone would do this job as it is so isolated and dirty.   Here are a few reasons:   There are not enough winter jobs for everyone wanting to work and stay in the warmer climate.  Most of the RV’ers come back every year to the job.  To many places are only wanting volunteers.   Then there is the thing about standing on your feet all day long, or heavy lifting.   Could also be cleaning the bathrooms.  I would think that would not be to bad when school is in.  Then there is the 40 hrs of work per week.   Some of us cannot handle the stress of working with others and finding out (most of the time) your co-worker is not doing their job, or not doing it right.  We worked the amusement park thing in the summer of 2010.   Either working with older (like me) people or the younger generation.  They both have their hang-ups.  So out here it is only my partner and me trying to survive the dust storms.  I really do have a lot to learn.  It seems i have two blogs and i only wanted one.  If i live long enough i will learn this thing of blogging.



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