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Sat Oct 8th 2011 Shellie’s gate guarding site.

on October 8, 2011
Shellie’s Site

That is Iris, their gate setter.  She is also setting their 2 dogs.  Now this is one busy gate.  It is on the same ranch as we are.  I go over and visit now and then.  Got to have a female to talk to now and then.   We are about 2 miles from each other.   Sometime Shellie and i will go out together.  That is when i can catch her there.  Both of them lost their mothers this summer, so there is a lot of taking care of matters now.   They are in their 50’s.    She thinks that since i am as old as the hills,(or dirt) i have some wisdom for her.   Sometimes i do and sometimes i don’t.   I can learn from her also.  You are never to old to learn, i like to know what everyone else knows too.  Maybe that will keep my brain active.  Yes, there is a kid inside me.  Why should i grow up!   If i do then i am really old.


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