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Oct 1st,2011 They started fracking, now to get the job done.

on October 2, 2011

Traffic and more traffic.  Today was a nice cool day with no humidity.  Cannot walk the dog much now that the traffic has increased, to much dust.  Got lunch brought to us today, guess what ; it was the same food i just made 2 days ago.   Had to eat it as it will not last long.  There was salad in the plate.  They feed the workers so much food they  should weight 300 lbs.   The other gate guards have been off for the whole week now.  They have a lady staying at their camper watching the gate.   I went over today to meet her, she was quit busy signing in and out.  

If you are a fulltimer and want to check out forums here are some that i really like.———————————

Check out the workamping forum if you are looking for paided positions or volunteering for site.  A lot of the campgrounds are requiring a lot more hours for site only.  Some do offer perks.  If it is in a place you want to be, it is something to think about.

Tried printing a coupon for Prevacid the last day of Sept, there were none.  So i will wait a few days and try again.  I like getting 2 coupons and buying 2 of the 14 days Prevacid that way i get to use 2 coupons.  The last time the coupons were for $3.00 ea, so i got $6.00 for the 24 pills.   Need more ideas on saving.   I know there are a lot of people who know how to save money.  It’s all in using your brain to think things out.


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