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Sept 30th, 2011 “Come and take it”

on September 30, 2011

Gonzales festival “Come and take it” held this weekend.  I was in town Wed, went into the book store to find a book on blogging for Dummies.  While there i picked up a brochure on Gonzales.  I had seen the banners on “Come and take it” festival, I started wondering how they came up with that name for a festival.  I then circled around the block and went  by a big empty building and at the top it said Come and take it.  That was strange to me, got me to wondering what had been there at one time.  Went back to site and started reading brochure, there it was on Come and take it.  So here it is.

July 1826, Indians attacked the settlement, one man was killed and the cabins plundered.  In 1831 the Mexican government gave the settlers a small brass or bronze cannon for protection.  During the years unrest developed among colonists because of increasing restrictions and controls.  The open break with Mexico widened and authorities demanded that the cannon be returned.  A corporal and five Mexicans soldiers were sent with an ox and cart to get the cannon.   When this request was refused officials in San Antonio sent Lt Castaneda with 100 mounted soldiers to “take” the weapon.

When the cavalrymen appeared on the river bank on Sept 29th 1835, there were only 18 men in Gonzales to deny their crossing. Those men hid the ferry, buried the cannon in George W. Davis’s peach orchard and sent out a call for help.  The men known after as “The Old Eighteen” delayed the soldiers for some time.  On the morning of Sept 30th, Castaneda was met Reg Joseph D. Clements, who read the message, “…I cannot, nor do I desire to deliver up the cannon….Only through force will we yield.  (I am leaving out some text)  As the women hastily fashioned a battle flag, the cannon was unearthed;  Joe Martin donated a wagon for wheels and it was mounted by Mr Sowell, Mr Darst, Mr Chisholm and others.

Over  the weapon waved the new flag——- a black replica of the cannon upon a while background emblazoned with a star and the words that would echo forever through the years ” Come and take it”

This will give you an idea where the name of ” Come and take it” came from.


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