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Thur Sept 29th 2011 Where is the fall weather ?

on September 29, 2011

We have been at this site for 30 days now.  The heat and dust will not go away.  After lunch i stay inside most of the time as it is to hot outside.  The humidity is up and it feels hotter then 99 degrees outside.   The frac team were suppose to be in here fracking by now, but there is a problem at the site they are now on.   It will be the weekend before they get in here to frack.

We will be done here at this site as soon as the frack job is done.    I don’t have any ideas where we will go from here, i hope it is closer to Victoria, Tx .   I go to a rheumatology there.    They are having a “Come and get it” festival in Gonzales this weekend i would love to go to it for a while.   They had a tent set up on Wed, for the” Beer Garden and food court”.  They look like they were a block long.  Carnival rides were setting up also.

I need to get back to looking at coupons again.  I have got to call daughter to see if she is still couponing heavy.  I watched some of the program last night on tv.   By the looks the ones who really get into couponing it takes a lot of time to cut out and watch for sales at stores.   By the looks of their stock, it will take time to roate the stock.

 I made my first Beef Stew this week.  I did have the package of sauce for making stew.   It turned out good, we ate all of it.  Tired of eating the same old stuff every week.  Bet i am not the only one feeling that way.


2 responses to “Thur Sept 29th 2011 Where is the fall weather ?

  1. sfeader says:

    I read your interesting post and was wondering – what is fracking, it is a new term that I have never heard of. Here in Nova Scotia we are not experiencing any fall weather either. The days are quite warm but it does cool down a bit at night and fortunately there is no dust. The leaves are still all on the trees and hardly even changing color yet. I picked the last of the beans and tomatoes are getting to the end, only swiss chard and squash left. I have been working on a new mold of the sailor, got to be one of the hardest ones so far. I have one layer of latex on it so far.

  2. rabajara says:

    Fracking is where they come in after the drilling rig is done and use sand with fracking liquids to break up the rocks. That lets more gas and oil through. I do know that some of the liquids has ammonia in it. Some companies has their on secrets ingredients in the liquids. If everything goes well the job is done within a week. A lot of the time they run into problems and it will take longer. The fracking crew are brought in by vans for each shift. They also have a catering company to bring in two meals a day. We will be leaving this site as soon as they are done with this job. We had a storm come through last evening and the wind was strong. Still not much rain. The temps are cooler as of now. It will be back up in the 90’s by monday again. I will have to let you know what the “Come and get it” celebration is all about later on.

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