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Sept 24th 2011. Got another week down.

on September 24, 2011

Sounds like i am counting the weeks on gate guarding.  Really i am doing just that.   Maybe i am counting down until the heat lets up and fall weather is here.   Our rig moved out on us this week, now we don’t have one.  Waiting on the frack people, they will probably be in here next week.   Not much traffic as of now.  We do have several tankers coming in to haul oil out.   I had a rather different week this time around.  The other gate guard lady was on top of her camper sweeping off the water from the air conditioner when she lost her footing on ladder.  Off she falls head first, here is the kicker; she and i were going into Gonzales to the hospital to get blood work done that morning.  As i pulled up to the camper i saw several standing around her sitting in a lounge ,wiping on her face.   I am thinking she had a bad spell breathing, she has COPD.   As i got closer i could see she had a big bump on the forehead.   Her husband was calling the ambulance, trying to tell them how to get there.  Not easy telling people where you are on one of these county roads.   Now i am thinking they have already moved her so it will not do anymore harm putting her in my vehicle.  So that is what they did and off to the hospital we go.  She was in ER about 5 hrs nothing broke.  Wrist was swollen from taking the fall.   I did get my blood work done while we were there.  She ended up the next day with a black eye, the next day with another black eye.  All was well with some pain pills.

I read a lot on RV forms about gate guarding.  Get a lot of different angles on this job.   Then there are several blogs on gate guarding.   Maybe to many blogs now.   I need to move on to different things like cooking in a RV.   It is a real job fixing several things for a meal.  I don’t have enough counter space.   What about recipes for different foods ?  Surely there are people  out there that can share their ways of cooking in small spaces.    Need some input on this life on the road living in a RV.


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