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Wintering in south Texas and making money

on September 19, 2011

While  escaping the cold winter of KY, we came to south Texas.    We thought we would be gate guards for the oil fields while here.   That was in Aug of 2010.  We got our first assignment on Sept 7th, we were to go to Tilden, Tx.   Stayed there for 7 weeks, then took 2 days off.  We stayed at the company’s yard.  That is where they keep their equipment and get water for their guards.   We were lucky as they had a generator there, so we had electric.   Our next assignment was in Cheepside, not far from Gonzales, Tx.   It was one busy gate, the gate had to be kept closed so that meant we had to go open & close it each time a vehicle entered or exit.  That went on for about 5 weeks, then things started to slow down some.  We were told to open the gate and leave it open as there were to many big trucks coming & going.   Now this goes on 24/7  always noisy and dusty.   They do water us down some and that really helped out a lot.  When we both had to leave the site we had to hire someone to sit out gate while we were gone.   This is our second experience and believe me, we were inexperience at this job.   It does not take long to learn the ropes.  While there DH came in one day after walking the dog with a petrified rock.  That started my hunting the rocks.   I would walk look, kick and look more as I was walking the dog.

After 7 weeks there we were off to County road 381, out of Shiner, Tx.


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