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Nov 22 nd 2011 Thanksgiving Week

Yesterday was a warm day, in the 80’s and humid.  DH, had to go to get test done and several others things so off he went for the day.  Pursie (my yorkie) and i stayed behind to hold down the fort.   Rickey took the computers with him to see if anyone at the Verizon store could help in getting them both set up on the wireless air card.  Daughter sent DH, a notebook computer for Christmas.  He has been wanting one for a while, they are not for me to little.  I have to work my brain to hard trying to get it set up for my air card.  I worked on the quilt top i got at a yard sale for $5.00 it was stared and not finished.  The cooker came in today to cook for the crew.  Of course several came in to eat today.  I put the quilt away and started on making banana nut bread as i had several bananas getting to ripe.  I put applesauce in mine,but i did not have any.  So i use 4 slices of the dried apples i had.  The trouble with buying cook books where local people put their recipes in is they are used to cooking with a dash of this and dash of that. That is what i did.  I ended up with 3 loaves instead of 2.  Told Rickey to give one to the morning mud man as he is always asking us if we need donuts or a newspaper from town.  He did bring us two bear claws the other morning.  Now to get some microwave peanut brittle done today for the night mud man, don’t want to leave anyone out.  It came a good rain this morning with thunder and lightning, it is a lot cooler today too.  Time to stay inside and cook.   The Verizon store did not get the computers fixed, still cannot get the small one online without plugging in the air card.  And i thought the younger ones were smarter at this stuff.  Hurts my eyes staring at the small computer.  And you think i can’t cook a good Thanksgiving meal in the 5th wheel camper, yes i can.  Just don’t have much counter space.  The small refrig want hold as much stuff as the one in a S/B.  We did bring our small freezer with us, so one loaf of banana bread went into the freezer for later use.  You just have to do things a little different then what you are used to.   Check out some of my pages i have updated some of them.  I promise to not do any spamming or sharing of your email.   As always comment are welcome and encouraged.  Two more days until Thanksgiving, it is hard to believe it is here already.  Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving.

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Nov 18th, 2011 Is gate guarding fun or what !

Yesterday morning i though about going to find a post office to make sure the zip was till for Texas, and not KY.

It was cold and windy here.  The weather in KY for today only looks like in the 50’s.  Guess i am doing good as it is in the 60’s here. I am out of ideas on what to cook.  I cooked  pinto beans yesterday, being from Ky, i can’t eat the beans they have here.  They always add chili powder to them.  If i want chili i will make chili, just don’t add the powder to the beans and ruin them. JMHO. I did make beef stew again this week, that is the 3rd time i have made it.  Always got it in can and thought it tasted nasty.  Coming back in Aug, we stopped and visit with a friend who workamped with us in 2010, she made the beef stew and i like it, so off i went to make some of it too.    Not to many coming in today.  DH, talked with friends who are gate guarding and they don’t like seeing the big cats. Also don’t like where they are now, they can’t seem to get the MH leveled up.  They are farther down south in Texas.  I have not seen many critters here, there are moles that piles up a mound of sand everywhere.

Still have in my mind things to fix for our Thanksgiving Dinner, and it is way to much.  So which one should i eliminate?I have not decided yet.  You can get awful bored on this job, but time seems to really fly.  Of course i stay on computer a lot.  Trying to learn new things, hoping it will keep my brain from giving up the ghost.  As of now we are planning on going home for Christmas.  Missed all the holidays last year.  It seems like you will always need money anyway, so better spend a little time with family & friends.  I hope to see friends while i am home.  If not i might just break down their door.   Since we got the rain the other day the dust is not bad.  There is only sand here and it got settle down a lot, we did not even have any mud.  That is the good thing about having sand all around you.  It is bad when it dries out, it gets in your mouth and eyes.

I think my dog and i are going to miss our nap today. DH, has gone to Hosp for some test and grocery shopping.  I always get sleepy when that happens.  The things the mind will play on you, if you have to stay awake you get sleepy, if you need to sleep the mind goes 90 miles an hr thinking on stupid stuff.   Thank God i have a mind…….  As always comments are welcome and encouraged.   Come on; tell me a little about yourself.  I know about me, now i want to know some things about my readers.

What are you cooking for Thanksgiving ?  How many people are you feeding ?  Do you enjoy the Holidays ?  Are you to stress to enjoy the Holidays ?  Are you glad when the Holidays are behind you ?  Me, i just hang loose.  And thankful if everyone is alive and healthy.



Nov 15th, 2011 The life of a Texas gate guard.

No rain here so far. The pasture fields here has nothing for the cattle to eat.  I hope the wind is not up today.  DH  could use a good haircut, which needs to be done outside.  There are days the camper walls closes in on me.  When that happens i  begin to think i need to tell my nephew who lives in our house to move out.  But then again i would have all that big house to clean and keep up. That is when i change my mind and put up with the little space i live in.   There are days when i think gate guarding is not bad and then there are days, i don’t know if i can go another week.  I am going to name the state of Texas as the sunshine and windy state.  Of course it is the oil and gas state; that and warm weather is why i am here.  Two subjects i hated in school English & Math.  Now i know they are the two subjects i needed the most in my life.

  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I am thinking about the menu for two people.   Last year it was no problem cutting down on the food, like making only enough dressing for me.  I am used to making it for all of my family at home.  DH likes country ham.  That is one of KY main meat for the holidays.  Country ham is hard to find in Texas.  Guess he will have to settle for a city ham, like he did last year.   I am open to anyone sharing their special food they prepare for the holidays.

Today we  have  trucks of casing coming in for the well.  It was a quite last night.  So far i have not found anyone who knows if ND, has gate guards.  Some of the people here would like to go north for the summer and gate guard.  I think what time we spend here in Texas is enough for us.  Last year and this year it is 8 months.

I have several pages on my blog.  I try to keep adding new stuff as i find it.  Nothing like getting on a blog to find out it has not been updated in months.  I don’t hang around long on those blogs.  All of us are always looking for new stuff to read or educate us on different  things going on.   What do i do most days?  It keeps me busy keeping the dirt out of the camper and walking the dog.  We don’t eat out much, i cook supper (dinner) most nights.  There are days when nothing sounds good.  I feel like we have eaten everything i know how to fix.  It is not the cooking, it is knowing what to fix.

As always, comments are welcome and encouraged.  



Nov 9th, 2011. Fulltimer who are workamping ( are we having fun yet ?)

It is to cold for me today.  It is warmer in KY then here.  I’ll bet my family & friends are having a big laugh about the weather.  We got diapers put on our equipment yesterday.  The environmental people were here yesterday  6 vehicles.   They are having a BBQ cookout today, so everything must have come out ok.   We had to tell everyone that this site was a H2S site.  What is a H2S site? Deadly gas can escape and get into the wind.  You don’t have long to get out-of-the-way if the wind is blowing toward you.  Also check to see that everyone had their safety equipment.   One thing we forgot and that was to tell everyone to back their vehicle in so they could get out quicker in case of an emergency.   Oh, well no one is perfect.

Just got a big plate of food from the people who did the cooking.   Well that is one of the perks of gate guarding.  It is about time a perk came alone.

I am going to add some pictures for you to look at, not much else to do.

I am going to blog on coupons—  What do you think about the show on extreme couponning ? Money-saving tips.  It can’t all be about working as security guards for the oil companies.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, the problem is getting them out.  I could use some help.   I will be adding more contents to my other pages soon.  I am still doing some research on different subjects.  Follow alone maybe we can learn more about being a good blogger.  I want to engage my reader in my blogs.

Berries for a wreath

Comments are always welcome and encourage.

Looks like i messed up on the other pictures, will post them later.
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Nov 7th, 2011 North Dakota Oil Drilling Jobs ( to cold for me, i’ll stay in Texas)

We got certified in safety last night.  We even have our card to prove it.  Watch a video, took test and read a booklet.

Now i feel really special (just kidding).  We have to make sure everyone coming in has their safety gear.  So far this gate is not to bad for traffic.   I think we have worn out the camper door.

Here is some info on the North Dakota oil boom.

Some of the sites will just give you some details on what is going on.  Sure hope i got the slashes right.  If not try doing them different. Sure hope this will help some people who are interested in going there.  As for me, i could not take the cold weather.  That is the main reason i am spending winter in Texas.  Workamping in warm weather is for me.  Maybe in the summer time we will go north, but not to work.  We really do need some time to see the USA, and spend some time at the home base.     I have read some comments the locals have made.  They are not pleased with all the extra traffic and higher prices.   It all depends on which side of the air conditioner you are standing on if you get cold air or heat.  We would not know how the locals feel unless we were in their shoes, and they don’t know how people feel that needs the jobs.  Since jobs are scarce workers have to do what they can to survive.   As you will see there are not enough housing there for all the people.  I know in Gonzales, Tx the city made a lot more hook-ups for rv’s.  The last i saw the park it looked like 200 to 300 campers there.  That was only a few days ago.  Then there was another RV park being build on the outskirts of town.  A lot of the businesses that closed down due to the economy will be coming back.    We will have to take the good,bad & ugly. 

Thanks for reading my blog, please leave a comment and come back soon.

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Nov 5th, 2011. The (day) or week in the life of a gate guard.

Tue Nov 1st leaving this site today.  Back to Gonzales to sit at the yard, while waiting on another gate.   On Wed DH has to go to Victoria, Tx to the arthritis doctor.  That will take up most of the day.  Guess what; we got a call to go to a gate farther north.  Actually 144 miles north.   They want us there by 8:30 Thursday morning.   In Franklin, Tx.     If they keep this up, i can be home in a day.

Arrive on site 45 min late, the set-up man was waiting on us to get here.  He puts us downwind of the rig and close to the rig.   There is nothing but sand here and the wind is blowing (gusty) hard.  For 4hrs that is where we sit, with a mouth & eyes full of sand.  After a while i wipe my face and i had black on it from the oil coming off the rig.  Well this is not going to do.

One of the rig bosses comes down and told us we had to move away from the rig, back to the second gate.  I sure was glad to hear that.  So off we go back up the road to the second cattle guard.  Finally got the day in and all set up.

Then comes all the people who want to tell you what to do.  First off, sign everyone in and out.  Then another one tells us to check everyone to see if they all have their safety equipment.  What next!   Maybe they will pay more for us being safety inspectors…………are you joking.  Never in a million years.  The wind had laid by Fri, morning and that was a real blessing.  This ranch has nothing but sand in the pasture field, a little grass but not much.   It is dry here also.   I think the ocean was here 3 million years ago.   We have been told this job will last around 3 weeks, you  never know on this type of job.

Maybe we should go to Alaska to hunt for gold.  Can’t do that now it is winter there.  Should i go to Az, to look for the scraps of gold there?  Oh well, guess i will stay put for a while, i have not made enough money to run around on yet.

I would say the worse part of gate guarding is going up and down the steps of the 5th wheel.   Sometimes the conditions can be bad.   Where else can an old person work, at least i don’t have to stand on my feet all day long ?   The dog and i can take walks, when we are not on duty.    I don’t think there is a Wal-Mart close by and that is where we get our medicine.   In the last two weeks i have seen a Kroger store, beginning to think they only had HEB’s here in TX.

What can i say; life is good.  The weather has been a lot cooler (cold) the last two days.  I better get back down south before it snows here.  I really don’t want to make a snowman or throw snow balls.   I know what i can do;  go outside pull up the few sprigs of grass, spread out the sand then lay down and pretend i am on the beach.  It is windy today, but the sun is out.

See you all on the flip,flop.   Until the next day have a safe and wonderful life.  

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Oct 31st, 2011 Winter Texan gate guarding.

Here it is Monday again.  Before i know it i will be 80 yrs old.  I am telling you time does fly.  Got so bored Sunday i decided to fry some apple pies.  I have two yellow delicious apple trees in my back yard.  These apples are from 2009.  In the fall of 09, i decided to prune the trees and prune i did.  In 2010 there was nothing but growth and no blooms, so no apples.  This spring when i got home i went looking for blooms on the trees, there were only a few.   The late frost got most of the blooms.  So only a few apples this year, not enough to gather them up.  The apple trees have a problem with (Cedar apple rust).  The extension office told me to cut them down and plant apple trees that were resisted to the disease.  I figure whatever i get off of them is better than none at all.  So the two apple trees are still there,i am hoping for a better year in 2012.  We are really enjoying the fry apple pies.

I had a worker stop by last night and ask me if i wanted to get rid of the stray dog, of course i said yes.   He fixed a towel in the front seat and tried to get her in the truck.  She would not go, i told him to sit down in our chair and let her come up to him.  When he set down she was right there to get some loving.  He let the dog lick him while he was petting on her.  He picked her up and loaded the dog up, i don’t think she was to happy about that.  He said he had 3 acres and 4 kids, she should have plenty of attention.

After that there were two more who were going to take the dog if no one else did.  So all in all, she was going to have a home with someone.   They are taking down the rig now, we will be leaving here on Tue.   The mineral right owner came in the other night with his two kids.  He had sold the property 40 yrs ago.  They found out it was a good gas well.  You guess it, they all had grins on their faces when they left.   How lucky can one get.  According to the forums i read there are several couples waiting on gates.  Seems like there are a lot more people applying for the jobs this year.

It is now 11 yrs into the economy not doing good.   The only think i know is tie and knot and hang on.  Could be a lot worse.    With all my spare time, you would think i would know all there is about blogging.  At my age it is hard to retain all the information.  I would love to have comments on my blogs and suggestions.  Surely there are people out there with a lot more experience on blogging.  Maybe they just don’t want to be bother with a newbie.  Of course i don’t have it out there for a lot of people to find as of yet.   I am working on that too.  I will soon go to a self-hosted site.

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Oct 26th,2011 Rosenberg, Tx. New rig to gate guard.

We moved in here on Thur Oct 20th.  The neighbor next door  complains about the dust.  This crew does not use gate guards, but they got one in order to slow down the traffic because of the dust  (to please the neighbor).   On Sunday around 7:00 a.m. the neighbor comes through our gate and does not stop, he is driving a little fast too.   He tells the bosses he is not living in a trailer park.   They come and tell us to move farther on back close to the rig.  That means tear everything down including the dish(which is hard for us to set) and move.  That took most of Sunday doing the move.   The way our camper was setting we did not get any sun in the front of camper.  Now we do.  Good thing i was not God on Sunday, i would have put him in the middle of Houston homeless.  He would have been glad to see a trailer park.  Good thing we are not God, what a mess things would be.

On Sunday night three trucks came in and behold a dog was following them.   Yes, you guessed it; we got a female dog.  Now she is friendly and needs a good home.  But not with us in our 5th wheel home.   Now i have to find someone to take this dog.  I don’t know anything about Rosenberg, so i don’t know how to put it out there on a lost dog.   At home i would put it on our local swap-shop program.  We are feeding and watering her, who can stand to watch a dog starve?.  We will be gone from here next week. Where to next i don’t have a clue, in this business you never know where the next job will be.

When we first got here it was no signing in, then partner came in and wanted people signed in.  Another partner came through and he wanted everyone in vehicles name on sheet.  Sometimes they don’t even know what is going on, and i certainly don’t know either.  It is just another day in the life of a gate guard.  There is evidence of wild hogs out here, but i have not seen any as of yet.  Sometimes i feel like i am wasting the rest of my life doing nothing much but cleaning the camper and cooking.  Of course the days fly by, you get up and the next thing you know it is bed time again.   I just can’t seem to get the idea that in retirement you don’t do much anymore.  Where is my brain?.  I guess before long i will start sewing on a quilt top i got at a yard sale while home.  Our dog needs a good trimming and so does the DH.  I did finally give her a bath yesterday.  When she goes out walking in the morning(with me) she gets dirt all over her belly and her feet.  Gotta wash and dry her down every morning.  All in all i am having a wonderful day.


Oct 21st, 2011 Here for 10 days. Rosenberg,Tx

Our gate closed out on Sat, Oct 15th.  We stayed at the company yard in Gonzales until Thur.  We are now in Rosenberg,Tx for about 10 days.  They are drilling a well,but not a deep well.   We got to go to Bingo in Seguin with another couple tue night.   We were not winners but the other couple won money on a pull tab.  We were going back on thur, then they had to go to a frack job. Next day we were gone, so no bingo for us this week.   Just got a pound of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.  Always wonder what it was like now i can try it out.  No money lost if we don’t like it.   The sales people have different things to hand out.

When we got here it was just to keep people driving slow, then today one man says he would like us to log the vehicles in.   Then another one wanted the names of everyone in a vehicle.  Now there are three people telling us what they want done.

I hate it when there are to many people telling you what to do.  No one seems to know what is going on.   There want be a frack or flowback job done here.  This puts me 100 miles from the arthritis doctor i go to in Victoria,Tx.   I am still reading all i can find on blogging and designing my website.  It is nothing like i want it to be.  I know i will have to find a host for the site.  I tried Hostgator, but i don’t know enough about it yet to deal with a host.   So i canceled it out.   Instead of reading books i am reading about blogging on the internet.  We did finally go and tour the brewery in Shiner on Monday.  You get samples of the different flavors of beer they make, i hate beer.   So i did not like any of it, well the Brock was the best if i was going to drink it.   We are going to get one of their boxes of mixed beer to take home in the spring, so family & friends can try it.  After all it is Texas beer.  What a life fulltiming and workamping.   Oh, by the way we did eat out some while on a break.  I will post pictures in another  post of the brewery & our location.  

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Oct 14th,2011 Bulls, they are everywhere.


1800's Railroad spikes

Don’t think the bulls want get close to your camper or even to bump into it.  We have our cable high in the air to keep them from tearing down the dish.   The picture of the 5 gal bucket was once a tomato plant about 3 ft tall.  The bull, or one of them ate it all up and while in the process broke a piece off of the camper.  Our gate is about ready to close.  They are done with the flow back and now only need to get all equipment out.  Of course there will be tankers coming in and out.   There is a little brown dog that is at the pad that has been there ever since we came back.  He is fine as long as the workers are around to feed him.  He will come closer to the camper when everyone is gone.  You cannot get close to this dog.  What will happen to him when no one is around to feed him.  Guess he will make it somehow.   I have pictures of the petrified wood, there are a lot of them lying around the banks, i have taken two bags home.  That is all i will need to show them to people who has never seen them.  The old 1800 Railroad bed and the spikes that were used back then.   The railroad went from Houston to San Antonio back in the 1800’s.  They say there were a lot of cotton mills alone the tracks.   I have picked up several spikes that were used on the tracks.

I know what i need is a metal detector, no telling what i could find with one of the good detectors.   Last summer i was

Cable up high.

with a couple from Texas, (we were working in KY)  she would dig and dig until she finally got whatever it was that was in the ground and usual it was a penny.    

Tomato gone


Perrified Wood


Railroad bed


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